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Organic Microgreens Grown in Dublin
  • What is a Microgreen?

    What is a Microgreen? Microgreens are young vegetables and herbs harvested just after the cotyledon leaves have developed with one set of true leaves. They are approximately 2.5–7.5 cm tall with an aromatic flavour, come in a wide variety of colours and textures.

    Microgreens can be enjoyed all year-round as a healthy snack, garnish or salad topper and they will automatically increase your daily intake of healthy, real super food.

    The first leaves that emerge from the growing media as the plant germinates those heart shaped leaves (Cotyledons) are the Microgreens and for varieties like Broccoli, Red Cabbage and Radish is when we harvest them.

    To show what is a Microgreen and how Cotyledons look like
    Red Cabbage Cotyledons

    For other varieties like Coriander we need to wait until the first true leaves appears. A true leaf looks like the small version of what the mature plant leaves will look like. The reason is because for this varieties, these leaf adds much more flavour to the microgreens.

    To provide example of what is a Microgreen and the true leaf in microgreens
    Coriander true leaf

    Now that you know what is a Microgreen, Why not to start adding them to your meals? Why not to take the first step towards a healthier life?

    What is a Microgreen?
  • Locally grown products (Dublin, Ireland)

    Locally grown products (Dublin, Ireland). Our Green House is situated in the North of Dublin, Ireland. There, we grow sustainably produced food.

    Locally grown products, Microgreens grown in Dublin Ireland
    Chard and beets mix

    All our Products are packed in 100% recyclable or compostable packaging.

    Our aim is to deliver a Top Quality product with the following qualities:

    • Fresh: you will receive a product that has been harvested generally the day of the delivery or even a few hours after it’s been hand picked.
    • Tasty: Nothing compares to the taste of fresh food, you will notice the difference
    • Healthy : all nutrients and vitamins can deteriorate with long storage times, we all know: the fresher the better
    Locally grown products Fresh Red Cabbage Microgreens grown in Dublin Ireland
    Fresh Red Cabbage Microgreens
    Locally grown products Irish organic tomatoes Dublin Ireland
    Seasonal Cherry Tomatoes
    Locally grown products Radish Microgreens after blackout
    Sangria Radish, First day of Sunshine
    Locally grown products, Edible Flowers and Cucamelons
    Edible Tagetes and Cucamelon

    Locally grown products (Dublin, Ireland)
  • Where can I buy them?

    You can find our best sellers at the following locations, we bring fresh Microgreens every week, but some weeks they fly faster, please if you cant find them, send us message and we will restock immediately and we will leave a little present for you.

    You can always contact us for personalized orders based on the list below of the Microgreens that we normally grow. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok to see what is new, we would love to see how are you using them.

    Fresh List

    VarietyDescription Presentation available
    30 Grms.
    Deep green, mild and crunchyClamshell/
    Wholesale bag
    20 Grms.
    Fresh and mild flavour.Clamshell
    Coriander, 30 Grms.
    Mild, fresh flavourClamshell/
    Wholesale bag
    25 Grms.
    Fresh and mild anise flavour.Clamshell
    Greek Cress,
    30 Grms.
    Slightly spicy.Clamshell/
    Wholesale bag
    Lemon Balm,
    20 Grms.
    Lemon hints and wonderful fragance.Clamshell
    Microgreens Mix, 30 GrmSeasonal selection of Microgreens.Clamshell/
    Wholesale bag
    Mustard Green Frills,
    30 Grms.
    Spicy flavour, deep green colour.Clamshell/
    Wholesale bag
    Mustard Red Frills,
    30 Grms.
    Vibrant red colour with spicy hints.Clamshell/
    Wholesale bag
    Pak Choi Red,
    30 Grms.
    Colourful purple/red leaved, mild flavour.Clamshell/
    Wholesale bag
    60 Grms.
    Sweet flavour, CrunchyClamshell/
    Wholesale bag
    Radish Mix,
    30 Grms.
    Colorful garnish, peppery taste.Clamshell/
    Wholesale bag
    Radish Sangria,
    30 Grms
    Pink stemmed, green leaves.Clamshell/
    Wholesale bag
    Radish Vulcano,
    30 Grms.
    Dark red leaves, spicy flavour.Clamshell/
    Wholesale bag
    30 Grms.
    Popular, green tasty microgreen.Clamshell/
    Wholesale bag
    60 Grms.
    Crunchy nutty flavour.Clamshell/
    Wholesale bag
    Contact us to discuss your needs 0838265458

    List of Seasonal Microgreens

    Where can I buy them?
  • Microgreens Chef’s Box

    Specially for the Irish Chefs we have created the Microgreens Chef’s Box, a mix of live Microgreens to provide variety of colours, flavours and textures, to create many and diverse dishes.

    Microgreens Chef's Box, a mix of live Microgreens to provide variety of colours, flavours and textures, to create many and diverse dishes.
    Microgreens Dinner

    Available from January to December, this box might include Red Cabbage, Broccoli, Coriander, Garlic Chives, Radish, Shiso and Sunflower. Tendril Peashoots Box also available.

    We know that each kitchen has different needs, contact us to create your customized your Microgreens Chef’s Box with any of the different varieties available to grow to order.

    Amaranth, Red Army
    Amaranth, Red Aztec
    Basil Genovese
    Basil, Lemon
    Basil, Red
    Beets Bulls Blood, Olympia Red
    Broccoli, Green
    Cabbage Red
    Celery Leaf (soup Celery)
    Chard Giallo Bright Yellow
    Chard Swiss, Red Chard
    Chervil, Plain
    Chives, Garlic
    Coriander, Splits
    Dill, Dukat
    Greek Cress
    Kale ,red Russian
    Kale Scarlet
    Kale, Pink
    Kohl Rabi, Purple Vienna
    Komatsuna, Malachai F1
    Mint, Korean
    Mizuna, Red Empire F1
    Mustard, Green Fire F1
    Mustard, Red Carpet
    Mustard, Red Dragon F1
    Mustard, Red Frills
    Mustard, Wasabina Improved
    Nastartium Blue Pepe
    Pak Choi Red Wizard F1
    Parsley Italian Giant
    Pea Shoot Golden
    Pea Shoot Salad
    Pea Shoots Style (tendril)
    Radish, Sangria
    Salad Burnet
    Shiso, Bicolour
    Shiso, Red /perilla
    Sorrel,red Veined
    Thyme English Winter
    More varieties available

    Get in Touch!! Contact us to discuss your needs. Phone: 0838265458

    Microgreens Chef’s Box
  • Microgreens for your family

    Microgreens for your family, whether is light snaking, mid day brunch or dinner time we truly believe that Microgreens should be part of Irish Families’ meals

    Microgreens for your family, variety of ways to add Microgreens to your meals
    Microgreens on everything

    Children tend to associate foods that are high in sugar like ice cream, cakes, candies with positive memories (parties, holidays, or rewards).

    Due to their tiny size and bright colours Microgreens will help you to create new positive and healthier memories while your family gets their benefits.

    Our customers think that Microgreens are easier to eat than big salads like lettuce, spinach, etc.  Add them to your scrambled eggs, sandwiches, wraps, soups, as a garnish and much more. Click here to get yours today!

    Microgreens for your family. Family moments with Microgreens
    Microgreens Moments
    Microgreens for your family
  • Edible Flowers

    Give a simple but fancy touch to your food creations by adding Edible Flowers

    Ice cubes with Eddible Flowers
    Edible Flowers

    Family owned farm, located in the magical city of Dublin. We have a deep passion for growing our fresh produce with quality and innovation all year-round. In Culinary Micro herbs we are carefully monitoring the needs of our plants; we grow them free of herbicides and pesticides with biodegradable and compostable elements. Hand harvested to order at the peak of freshness and with lots of love when packed.

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Super Food
Organic Microgreens. Add fun and health to your meals!

We have a deep passion for quality and innovation to grow our fresh produce year-round. In Culinary Micro herbs we are carefully monitoring the needs of our plants; we grow them free of fertilizers and pesticides. Hand harvested to order at the peak of freshness and with lots of love when packed. We want to invite you to experience the wonderful benefits of microgreens. You will drastically improve the way you feel and your health by including living raw greens as a mainstay in your daily diet. Micro-greens are young vegetable greens that are approximately 2.5–7.5 cm tall with an aromatic flavour and concentrated nutrient content and come in a variety of colours and textures. Studies have found that, at equal weights, almost all of the tiny greens contained about five times more nutrients than found in the mature leaves of the same plants.


Our Mission is to get the Irish consumer to know about the wonders of Microgreens and to give them a Super-nutricious High Quality Local Product.

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Irish Microgreens

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