How did the dream called Culinary Microherbs start?

Green house Before
First week at the green house

In this post we talk about how the dream called Culinary Microherbs start.

Chef by trade, and passionate about nature our Chef Paul got the idea of growing his own Microgreens while working in the Kitchen. What gardener doesn’t dream of owning his or her own greenhouse?

The oportunity came some years after. In August 2018,He got the opportunity to rent a promising green house and inspired Carol to get on Board.

Our Mission

We had our Mision clear, to get the Irish consumer to know about the wonders of Microgreens and to give them a Super High Local Quality Product.

So we got to work! We never imagined the amount of work that we will have to put on it.

Days and days in the green house, setting the foundations, creating the perfect conditions for our Microgreens, cooling, ventilation, heating, repairing, watering, etc. Being plumbers, electricians, builders, welders, you name it.

And our night in the front of the computer, planning, designing, creating the structre of our small businness, learning to be administrators, accountants, website developers, designers, product developers, photographers, social media managers, sales person, purchasers, couriers

Can you believe it? A recently married couple with a new born baby starting a new business? No, it hasnt been easy but today after all, we are there.

Follow along our journey with our my small business. We are so glad you’re here with us!

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