We are in this together/ Evergreen Wexford Street

Microgreens and Flowers Evergreen

Microgreens and Edible Flowers for the public.

Apart from our online shop, you can also find our Products like Microgreens and Edible Flowers in Evergreen 34 Wexford Street, Dublin. But… How did we get there?

It is March 2020 and We are in shock…!!! Restaurants closed???

No, this can’t be happening!! We have just got a group of Restaurants to put a standing order and now they have to close?
How can we get to the idea that the previously we were celebrating and now we have no costumers?

Wait a minute!!! If we always wanted to bring a high quality product directly to the Irish Consumers, why not to do it now? We can’t stop here… Above all, people still has to eat…
But… apart from the Restaurants,how could we bring our Microgreens to the families in Ireland?

On April 2020 I put a survey on a Facebook group, it was about Irish Consumer Microgreens Preferences and then…, lots of comments, everyone is interested, where can I get them? They were asking.

Suddenly a comment said: Where are you based ? I’m a very interested greengrocer – if you want to pm.

I can’t explain my excitement, following I started to prepare samples, labels, packaging, etc.

And we went there, the Address: Evergreen, 34 Wexford Street and we met her. The kindest person, Michelle and her family, owners of this small but wonderful shop, with a great variety of healthy food and our Microgreens were finally having the opportunity to be part of it.

Find our Products at Evergreen
Evergreen Wexford Street

We kept the dream alive

Thanks to this, we got the energy to keep going and we got the chance to be in other shops and markets that were also supporting small businesses. And now that dream of bringing our Microgreens and Edible flowers to the Irish consumer has become real.

Thanks, for your kind words and for your support.

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